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The best way to communicate with digital kids

If something is tame its behavior is predictable. 

Taming something means to master it. 

A tamed object is controllable. 

And it is possible to TAME Your Tech.

SmartDigitalKids.com is a place for parents to learn how to communicate with digital kids, and to become a positive influence in their own child’s life. Kids are growing up–fast–in our digital world and practicing these forms of communication when using digital devices can help families grow closer.

There are 4 steps to taming tech, which are easy to remember using the acronym TAME:

Talking about digital tech use is the first step. 
(talking increases knowledge)

Asking questions about digital tech use is the second step. 
(asking leads to understanding)

Modeling healthy tech use is the third step. 
(modeling shows wisdom)

Explaining the truth about digital technology is the fourth step.
(explaining demonstrates love)

Practicing these four types of communication when using digital devices will increase knowledge and understanding for kids growing up digital.

In order to raise smart digital kids, adults need to teach kids how to communicate both online and offline. These communication skills seem completely natural, yet these skills are becoming less common as digital tech has multiplied.

Teaching kids how to communicate in more depth, more often, will set them up for success personally and professionally in a digital world.

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