Coaching With Dr. Beverly Pell

Needing some strategic support?

You’re not alone!


Parents everywhere are burned-out, stressed, unhappy, and struggling with balancing work, schooling and parenting. 


Do you struggle with:


  • Feeling stuck in a routine with too much time spent on tech?

  • Wanting to make a change in your family’s tech habits but not sure where to start?

  • Asking your kids to put down the phone to do homework or get ready for bed?
  • Taking away your kid’s phone or tablet as punishment for misbehavior?
  • Enforcing time limits on your teenager’s gaming?

I hear you. It’s a struggle raising kids in a digital world.

I’m here to help.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Beverly Pell.

I had the exact same struggles and felt the same way you do.

While raising three digital kids, my husband and I changed our tech rules too many times to count. Several times we surrendered, just to keep our sanity.

Are you ready to talk honestly about your struggles with using technology in the best way for your family–especially during a pandemic?

As a coach who’s been there, I love helping parents prepare for those challenging moments that creep up when life happens and digital parenting gets pushed to the side.

It’s been a privilege sharing my research and experience with organizations such as…

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What makes me qualified to coach parents?

I raised three digital kids (now 19, 23, and 25) who are out of the house and thriving on their own. 


I earned a PhD in educational leadership with an educational technology focus which has allowed me to share my experience and expertise with teachers and parents all over the world. 


I have read, and applied in my practice, the expertise and wisdom from over 100 authors–parenting experts, educational leaders, research scientists, and digital parent educators. (Yes, I love to read!)

I spent a lot of time with my kids (responsible for their academic, social, mental, and physical wellbeing) while homeschooling them for over a decade.


I’m also a licensed teacher, having taught grade school, middle school, high school, and college, who easily connects with kids of all ages. I build quick rapport with kids because I remember what it feels like to be a kid. 


I’ve heard from hundreds of parents who want to raise their kids today without relying too much on technology. Many say their biggest struggle is trying to monitor what their kids watch online while regulating time spent on digital devices. (I wrote about it here.)


"Dr. Pell helped ease our fears raising our daughter in a world so fraught with technological distractions. We want our family to have real connection without a screen in the way. Dr. Pell’s program is so accessible and the option for a personalized parent plan was exactly what we needed. We feel confident going forward that our daughter will know how to manage technology as she grows.”
-Emma T., mother of toddler
"Our 14 year-old son wanted to get an Instagram account, and Dr. Pell recommended the book A Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices by Jonathan McKee. Our son read it on his own, and later was onboard with the boundary lines we set, such as no phones in the bedroom and charging the phone overnight in the designated area of our home. He now uses social media on privacy settings such as “friends” to peers and children his own age. A very thoughtful book indeed. Here's what our son had to say about the book: "I read this book a couple months before I got social media and I feel that this was a great way to ease into it, along with learning about how to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand." We are truly thankful for Dr. Pell's insightful recommendation."
-Sharon H., mother of teen

Coaching Packages

30 Days - One on One - Coaching Package

  • Two 30-minute video chats or phone calls
  • BASIC Tame Your Tech® parenting plan with personalized strategies for you and your family
  • Email access to me for first 15 days

60 Days - One on One - Coaching Package

  • Four 30-minute video chats or phone calls

  • INTERMEDIATE Tame Your Tech® parenting plan with personalized strategies for you and your family

  • Email access to me for first 30 days

90 Days - One on One - Coaching Package

  • Six 30-minute video chats or phone calls

  • ADVANCED Tame Your Tech® parenting plan with personalized strategies for you and your family

  • Email access to me for first 45 days

Coaching packages include private and confidential conversations with me, where we…

  • Discover the hardest challenges of your journey parenting kids in a digital age.

  • Create a personalized tech plan for you that addresses the needs of each member in your family.

  • Work together to make a plan so you can feel confident and in control of managing technology use in your home.

All coaching packages include the comprehensive Tame Your Tech® Guide for Parents with helpful resources and suggestions to start taming tech immediately. 






Schedule a with me to see how I can help you TODAY!