What's a Smart Digital Kid?

A smart digital kid knows how to use technology intentionally, responsibly and creatively. Smart Digital Kids are self-aware and understand the benefits and side effects of digital device use.

Parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers have something that digital kids don’t have: Life experience!


The next generation is growing up digital and it’s up to wise parents to raise smart digital kids.


Wise parents understand the importance of raising kids to become knowledgeable, independent and fully capable of using technology in responsible and helpful ways.


At Smart Digital Kids we’re here to assist parents to connect with kids and use technology in ways that promote purpose and well being.

Our Mission and Vision

To help parents raise kids with strong communication skills and technology skills so they thrive personally and professionally in a digital world. We see a future generation of kids who are smart, confident, self-aware, and compassionate humans.

Meet Dr. Beverly Pell (short story)

Hi! I’m Beverly, founder of Smart Digital Kids.

I’m a coach, a consultant, and a homeschool veteran. I have a strong background in teaching and leadership, and I know what it’s like to be teaching WHILE mothering 24/7/365.

I am a tech enthusiast. But I introduced digital technology to my kids slowly and intentionally, and I help parents do the same.