This is one of my favorite photos. Summer, 2006

Who is Beverly Pell?

Friends and acquaintances tell me that I am an influencer, an encourager, creative and spirited. I’ve worked in education for nearly 25 years in all different capacities–public school, private school, even homeschooling–teaching all ages, from preschool to grad school.

I raised my kids with a healthy respect for technology. We’re not a perfect family, but we talk and share regularly about what’s going on in our digital world.

After earning a PhD in Educational Leadership with a Technology focus, I began to serve my community with my gifts in teaching, tutoring, and mentoring.

It was early 2020, that I began to develop the concept of TAME Your Tech. I had a life changing experience which challenged my perspective about technology and the relationship I had with my phone and the Internet (read about it here).

In short, I am now an advocate for kids growing up surrounded by smartphones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, game boxes, TVs and anything else that has a screen with an Internet connection. I work with parents to raise kids who can communicate well, online and offline, and use technology intentionally, responsibly, creatively, and in all ways that promote purpose and wellbeing.


I love working with parents and kids who want to use technology for the good it provides, and who are willing to look at the potential pitfalls that humans can encounter when using tech mindlessly and without intention.

I also enjoy networking with and promoting authors and organizations who devote their time and talent to equipping parents, grandparents, and caregivers with knowledge and resources so they can parent well in our digital age.

How Did Smart Digital Kids Get Its Start?

I was inspired to start Smart Digital Kids by my granddaughter, Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha). 

I watched Saoirse her first summer while her parents were working and I was surprised by the number of times I looked at and picked up my smartphone during the day. Read more about it here.

I’d like to say that I was just taking photos. But in reality I was also checking texts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, plus watching a little Netflix and YouTube. It seemed that I was always distracted by the digital device at my side.

Smart Digital Kids was born for the purpose of helping parents, caregivers and educators “tame tech” and raise well-rounded children who use digital technology intentionally, responsibly, creatively, and in all ways that promote purpose and wellbeing.