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4 TED Talks that will challenge parents today

What’s your favorite TED Talk? I have too many to count! There are so many good ideas that are indeed worth spreading which is why it’s fun to write this post.

Each of these TED Talks will inform you and hopefully challenge you to talk with your kids, ask questions, about their online activity, consider how you model healthy online behavior, and explain how much you care for their health and wellbeing–especially when they use the Internet.

Each one of these TED Talks can be a conversation starter for you and your kids ages 8-17 (with parental guidance). Taming tech is not a “one and done.” Taming tech is a process and a journey we all take. Remember: Talk. Ask. Model. Explain.

TALKING…about being human is one of the most important activities we will ever do with our kids today.

SHERRY TURKLE, PHD, professor at MIT

ASKING…what each individual has to bring to the “digital technology” table. Old or young, native or immigrant, everyone has an experience and a voice to be heard.

SREE SREENIVASAN, Stony Brook, New York

MODELING…appropriate ways of communicating online and offline is what kids need. Kids want their parents’ attention and they need their mentorship now more than ever.

DEVORAH HEITNER, PHD, Raising Digital Natives

EXPLAINING…how pornography is the #1 teacher of sex education today. Kids are growing up thinking sex should be aggressive and humiliating.

MARIA AHLIN, Changing Attitudes

If you watch any of the four of TED Talks, come back to this post and leave a comment. I’d love to talk more about these important topics from such inspiring individuals.

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